The Humiliation of the Insignificant Slave no 5

This was no ordinary slave event but one which was attended by Six Slaves and the formidable Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris.
The location was very unique and was located in the depths of Bedfordshire in some remote historic church building which was positioned in a remote field away from prying eyes and uninvited guests.
This Blog account concentrates on one particular Slave number 5 who was given this number at the start of proceedings which lasted several hours until late evening and involved the Humiliation of all six Slaves who one by one met their fate in different ways.
The Slaves had to be in a stripped naked state from the moment they entered the Dungeon Room which was located at the top of a set of winding stairs leading to the fulcrum of the building which featured medieval oak beams and stone tiled floors which for each of the Slaves represented a cold existence being naked and being in such a humiliating position in the presence of two unforgiving Dominatrix’s who each both towered well over six feet in height and when stood next to any of the slaves made each Slave look and feel both small and totally inferior beings next to the leather clad high heeled goddesses that made all Slaves Crawl on hands and knees in their Presence for the duration of the day.
Goddess Serena was dressed in short Leather Mini Skirt with 6” Stiletto Louboutin shoes that made her appearance every inch a Goddess in appearance and in stature as she Humiliated each Slave with several tasks and by her very presence maintained the Slave to Goddess status throughout the entire proceedings.
However this Blog was only about the final interactions and Humiliating end of the day for Slave no5 and Mistress Paris who’s own individual attire during the day was intoxicating and dangerously looking.
She was wearing a high cut Basque with showed off her long legs in such a way that they went on forever, although covered in Nylon fabric they were joined by 6” High Heeled Boots which accentuated her slim frame but as she moved about the building each Slave was fully aware that she was the one in control and you knew that in her presence you had to give total attention and your reactions to her commands had to be precise or they would be punished without remorse.
During the Lunchtime period the six Slaves were allowed to mix with some Male guests who were fully dressed who were attending a separate function in another part of this medieval building although the Slaves were not allowed to talk with the clothed Guests and had to remain Naked with Collars on depicting and maintaining their lowly Slave status during this lunch time period.
Both Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris looked magnificent as the male guests conversed with them which added to the Humiliation of the Naked Slaves as this added to the inferior beings that were made to feel so insignificant in the company of fully clothed male and female Guests who looked down upon the Slaves as if they were bits of inscriment that had dropped of the bottom of thier shoe.
Continued p2

Both Goddess Serena and Mistress Paris maintained their Superior Position and at no time did they allow themselves to talk to any of the Slaves who they made it very clear at the start of the day that during their presence a Slave could only speak when allowed to speak or again a suitable punishment would ensue.

Once Lunch had finished the six Slaves had to resume their position in the Dungeon Room waiting on their Hands and Knees for their owners to appear and start the Humiliating experiences which involved several Tasks which at the end of the final experience each Slave was brought to a Humiliating climax by either Goddess Serena who seem to concentrate on different Penetration methods while Mistress Paris selected a couple of Slaves who she verbally abused and like Goddess Serena brought them to some kind of Humiliating Climax that Slave No5 found not only Humiliating but reduced him to his lowest status to date and accentuated and showed the Total Power that Mistress Paris can inflict upon any Slave that she wishes to engage.
It was Slave’s No5 turn to be confronted by Mistress Paris who commanded the Slave to Crawl to her Boots were she was perilously tapping the cold stone floor with the sole of Boot to hasten the Speed of the Slave who knees must have been aching with each movement upon the Stone Slab flooring in his eagerness to acknowledge the Command that he had been given a few seconds ago.
Slave no 5 now start licking the sole of my Boot “NOW” and show your adoration and Passion while your Licking the Boots because I want to feel your Tong engaging through the leather of my Boot.
As Mistress Paris looked down on the now slurping slave from her magnificent height she raised her Boot Heel and placed in upon the Salves Back and pushed it slowly down in such a way that she pinned the Slaves body like a little Worm trapping the Slave between the Stone Tiled Floor and the Sole of her now Deadly Boot as she continued to slowly applied the pressure until the Slave No 5 frame was lying flat on the cold surface.

“SLAVE” now Roll over onto your back as I want you looking up at the Bottom of my Boot where you belong and as he did so she pressed the whole of her Boot onto the Slaves Face and slowly applied pressure in such a way that she was Crushing the slaves head with simple movements and as she looked down upon the Slave she could feel her Power through her Boot as the Slave started to Squirm in Pain for he knew to well that Mistress Paris could have Crushed his Skull at any time and the fear mounted as he squirmed again when Mistress Paris lifted her Boot Heel off the now beaten Slave who lay motionless waiting for what Mistress Paris may do next.

He did not have to wait long when she summoned another Slave to bring her a couple of Carrots form a Table full of Nibbles of Food which the Mistresses had during the day.
The Slave handed the Carrots to Mistress Paris who commanded Slave no5 to keep his nose to the Floor and she then placed the Carrots by the side of her Boot Heel and then proceeded to Humiliate the Slave even further by Placing her Boot Heel onto the Carrot.
Now SLAVE this is what I can do to lowly Slaves like you I can Crush you like the carrot which she now proceeded to Grind the Carrot to Pulp in front of the Slaves face which was inches away from the terrifying boot which as she twisted the sole of her Boot the Carrots disintegrated into a mush where not content on showing her Power to the Slave she commanded him to eat the Carrot mush while she guided the Slaves mouth with the sole of her boot then pressed the back of his head onto mushed carrot and commanded him to eat every single bit of the mushed carrot off the floor which in front of the now other mesmerised Slaves he did.
Not content with this she then continued the Slaves Humiliation by lifted her Boot to the slaves Mouth and instructed him to lick the bottoms clean which the Slave seemed to be in a form of Subspace as he fervently licked the boots clean.
Mistress Paris again summoned another Slave to bring what seemed like a Cream Cake which she again repeated the same process as she had done with the Carrot only this time there was much more mess made on the Bottom of her Boot but again she presented the Boot to the Slaves face and guided his face towards the cream cake and slowly and Humiliatingly crushed the Slaves head onto the Cake and twisted her Boot in such a way that the Slave could hardly consume all the now mushed food which eventually he licked very spec from both Floor and the now deadly Boot.
The Slave was now beaten and in a Final Humiliating Act she commanded the Slave to Wank himself in front of her while looking at her Boots which within seconds the Slave no5 came to pulsating Climax spurting his seed onto the Stone Floor.
Slave Number 5 had never been so Humiliated like this before but unbeknown to him Mistress Paris had exploited his Weakness and now he was exposed to her like never before.
Could she be planning to now exploit this Slaves Weakness even further by turning him into her Boot Slave???.
Blog by slave no 5……



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