Virgin on the Ridiculous

I had a wonderful long booking with a sub who not been to a proper
100% domme before. Yes, he had wasted his money on going to some sex
workers who offer what they laughingly call ‘tie and tease’. Now he
wanted something more substantial than a slap and tickle. Yes, it gets
my hot blood boiling when I think of those women who say they offer
domination but in reality are no more than escorts.

The virgin slave told me that he wanted to experiment with nipple
torture and liked being restrained. He wanted to feel vulnerable! He
had never tasted the swish of a cane, nor had he tried sensory
deprivation. Well of course, he had finally come home – to the right
place. My

Well after leading him to the dungeon and ordering him to strip naked,
I tied him to the cross and began having fun with his cock and balls.
There was ample use of electro devices and the occasion slap. He
simpered but seemed to take this light punishment well, so I was ready
to take him up a few gears.

First he was robbed of sight – I harshly fitted a face mask and began
to torment his body even more. He never knew of course from where
would arrive the next touch, or would be a gentle caress, or a painful
tweak? I thought it was time for some serious pain and so took my
strong metal nipple clamps – they have really evil jagged teeth and
are wonderful to use with my electro set as they conduct the current
straight to his vulnerable bits.

“Don’t forget there is a safe word. I am not telling you what it is
because you have read, or should have my blogs. Also you have seen my
beautiful cars so unless you are pathetic fool, you will know it,” I
whispered into his ear. I added to his dismay that if he did use the
safe word, I would carry on anyway without a chance for any enjoyable
ending for him.

“Without agony there can be no ecstasy”. I grabbed him by the balls to
emphasise my point. He got it and nodded in silent submission. I was
enjoying this especially as what followed was a warm up with my nasty
conductive glove and cock whip. His screams just made me smile and
lust for more.

Then it was time to come off the cross and have a dog collar put
around his slavish neck.

“Get down on your knees like the disobedient puppy you are!” He did as
he was ordered and soon had the joy of having a taste of my electric
whip. Little did he anticipate what was coming next. I got some sturdy
rope and began to criss-cross his naked body in Japanese bondage. I
tied the ends of the rope to the metal supports that keep my hoist in
place. The clever thing about this rope is that it has bits of metal
going through it and so conducts electricity very well. I put my
electro controls up on high and got really excited when I could
literally see sparks fly. He let out a doggy yelp and his body
juddered under the current. It was like watching a fly in a electric
trap. What fun (for me of course).

The next phase of my virgin sub’s education was forced bi. It was also
something he had never tried. I commanded my house slave (wearing only
a pair of boxers) into the room and told him to stand in front of the
tied doggy slave.

“You now have my other slave in front of you. I am going to take off
your mask and I want you to remove his boxer shorts – with your teeth.
I am not going to untie your hands so you had better do a good job. I
also have my cattle prod here so you had better do what you are told.”
He nodded in abject submission. Do you want to feel the prod?”

He cried out in anguish, “No mistress, please don’t use that on me. I
will do whatever you wish.”

He was learning the Mistress Paris way.

There then followed something he had never even dreamt of before –
sucking another man’s cock. And I expected him to do it with relish,
which of course he did. As he was doing it I teased him mercilessly
with my cattle prod. As it got closer and closer to his cock, he
jumped and gagged but I ordered him to suck hard. Each time I brought
the prod near to his miserable cock and balls he flinched but to give
him his due, he kept on sucking like he’d never sucked before.

Then I had a truly mischievous thought. As I was about to zap his dick
with the cattle prod, I suddenly turned it on the house slave. You
should have seen him jump but of course lurching forward had the
effect of showing his hard cock further into the virgin slave’s
waiting mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh at this carrot and stick

Before the new boy could give my house slave ultimate pleasure, I told him to
stop. I untied his bondage ropes and led him by the collar to my
torture bed. There I played with his cock and did unspeakable things
with his little jap’s eye hole. Pain and pain, pain again and then,
and then pleasure.

He was a virgin slave no longer


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