Stable boy … his words

i am owned by Mistress Paris i work for her on a regular basis. Mistress Paris has now bought herself a beautiful horse and i was told i am now in required to be her pig slut stable boy.

i arrived in good time on a cold March morning, Mistress was waiting for me she was dressed in tight black riding breeches and her riding boots together with riding jacket. Mistress looked stunning but i knew i was here to work hard for her.

She had taken her horse from the stable to take to the field along with another horse.

“What are you waiting for pig slut there are two stables waiting to be mucked and cleaned get on with it now!” Mistress stood with her riding crop in her hand.

i quickly picked up the fork and started to muck out the first of the stables. i knew Mistress would not tolerate to be kept waiting after this job i had other work to be done at her house.

i had done the first stable and was about to start the second when Mistress stood in the stable door way.

“Have you not finished this small job yet?”

“sorry Mistress just starting the second stable now” i quickly replied.

” You are a useless pig slut and make sure your clothes do not stink of horses, strip now!”

“But Mistress i do have a change of clothes to put on” i looked at Mistress Paris she was messing around.

“I said strip now every thing you can muck this stable out naked, i mean every thing boots as well, now pig slut”

I took my clothes off the cold air hit me but my cock still grew hard.

“Now pig slut before you start roll in that my beautiful horses shit, go on roll cover your body in it, you are a pig slut act like one!”

I started to roll in the shit on the stable floor my body rolled onto the wet stable floor covered in horse piss and shit.

” Look at you you useless pig slut you will do every thing i say you have no choice speak like a pig you are”

i grunted and started to poke my face into the straw as Mistress ordered.

Mistress started to click her camera

“Some lovely picture”s of you pig slut, I might have to share these if you are not a good pig slut for Mistress, Now you haven’t had breakfast have you pig slut? Eat the the shit for your Mistress!”

i looked up and tried to plead to her. Mistress walked to wards me and kicked me hard in the side.

I said eat pig slut now!”

I was on all fours i leaned down and took the horse shit into my mouth, i heard the camera go click.

“Theres a good pig slut, now finish mucking out the stable, you can dress when you have finished”

I continued to muck the stable out naked standing in the shit and piss straw. While Mistress Paris watched laughing at me telling me to hurry up she was getting cold!

Once finished i was allowed to dress. Mistress had more work for me back at her house.

I am sure Mistress Paris has some very interesting pictures of me as her stable boy!!
pig slut..


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