House boys blog written by order of mistress Paris

i am a domestic slave in a probation period whilst Mistress Paris decides whether She will take me as Her permanent house boy.
During my initial training session, Mistress decided that She would keep me in chastity (using a CB6000 with a very small cage – prevents any semblance of an erection whilst wearing it) and so since then i have been locked in the device. i have an emergency key which Mistress has sealed in an envelope so She will be able to see if it has been tampered with. Each day, Mistress requires that i send Her three photos of my cock and balls locked in the device. However, to keep me on my toes, Mistress sometimes randomly demands a photo to be sent to Her within 5 minutes. Failure to do so, results in a punishment of 10 strokes of the cane for every minute i am late sending the photo. i have to enter any failure in my Discipline Book which Mistress reviews each time i serve Her. The last totting up of Punishment Strokes resulted in me receiving 40 strokes from Mistress’s dragon cane plus an extra 10 as Mistress had found some dust on the light switches in the dining room. Mistress also only allowed me to remove the chastity device for a few minutes whilst i shaved myself before locking it back on and dismissing me.
However, today at 14.13pm, i had a bit of a disaster. I was at my desk at work when my text message bleeped with an instruction to send a photo to Mistress (Message : ‘pic’). Normally i would become a little panic stricken at this (i was in my car on one occasion) but as the Gents is about 42 metres from my office i thought i would be able to comply with Mistress’s command. i did walk briskly to the Gents, took my trousers down in a cubicle and took a photo of the locked device. With 2 minutes of the 5 remaining,  i typed in Mistress’s  address and to my horror saw that i had no signal. 6 minutes later, i was still struggling with the signal. i am trying really hard to prove my commitment to Mistress so i was actually devastated by this unnecessary failure – i felt as if i had let her down (which i had). i sent an apology and explanation to which Mistress replied ‘ Not my problem, if I take time out of My day to think about you and My little cock then you should be grateful’. Of course Mistress is absolutely correct. However, Mistress has been kind and only requires 10 strokes to be entered into the Discipline Book.
i have learnt a number of lessons from this incident. Primarily, that Mistress Paris is kind and considerate ( i could have been entering 60 strokes in the Discipline Book) and that i will not be so smug in future when carrying out Mistress’s orders, i will concentrate more than i did earlier. i am looking forward to my next assessment session next week and whilst kissing Mistress’s feet on arrival, i will thank Her again for Her understanding.
In the meantime, the CB6000 is still in place and doing its job!

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