Houseboy morning duties

Houseboy slaves are not new to me. I have had a few in the past but that was when I was a gentler soul. Now I am a fully fledged bitch, a sadistic one  at that, I think it is  time to have another boy who can clean the house, do my chores and feel the sharp end of my fist or cane if he fails to do what is right by his mistress. My next house slave will be given a hard time…think of it as hard labour. Mind you he won’t be allowed to get hard unless I say so. I would want my entire house to be so spotlessly clean that my mistress friends would feel envious. That would mean starting at 6 am with preparing for my eventual wake up at 7am. He would lay out my day clothes, make sure they are pressed and ironed,  prepare breakfast and ensure that my bathroom was clean as a whistle. When I awake, I would expect him to be at the ready with a tray of freshly squeezed (by him) orange juice and the day’s paper, bought from my local newsagent with his money of course. I might if too tired to read, expect him to pick out the best bits of the day’s news. Then he would hand me my robe, and escort me into the shower room and toilet. I would expect full toilet duties….that means vigorous work with his tongue on my toilet bowl and if I felt in the mood, on my arse. I would order him in one word: CLEAN. And this is just the beginning of the day. It goes without saying that failure to meet my stratospheric standards will be met with punishment, severe punishment such as a caning, 50 hard face slaps and/or a beating with my fists if I feel in the mood. While my house is whiter than white, his hide would be black and blue.


13 responses to “Houseboy morning duties

  1. This blog posting struck a chord. The level of attention to detail and fastidious service is what I have always imagined appropriate to a Mistress / slave relationship. Complete servitude and selfless, unwavering devotion to the comfort of one’s owner

  2. I have only recently discovered Your wonderful website, but also Your amazing blog.

    Consequently I have gone back to the beginning of it working my way up (forward in time).
    I particularly love this entry. I also love how You describe Yourself as “I am a total bitch”.

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